Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hedgehogging Book 2006

This is the newest and most resent book on hedgehog written by Barton Biggs. The ones that I have listed are very early books. If you like me and like to have a whole library of all books then I didn't waste my time. Otherwise I recomend you to read this book.

"After 30 years as an manager and researcher with Morgan Stanlety, and 3 or 4 years as a "hedgehog" (a hedge fund manager), Barton Biggs give us this entertaining memoir of his professional life. Mostly consists of chapters profiling leading investment figures under fictional names. Really interesting to see how even the hottest, smartest, and most driven investors come to grief on a consistent basis; that includes the author himself, who confesses here to some of his mistakes such as shorting oil when it kept going up. Lots of sleepless nights and anxiety in the business, although apparently even the no-talent hacks can make at least 150K a year, and many of the more talented are billionaires. Many of the hotshots in the professional investing world sound like narcissistic cranks in Biggs' description, but entertaining cranks to read about. Like Lefevre's classic REMINISCENCES OF A STOCK OPERATOR, this is mainly interesting for its insights into the psychology of trading. In terms of practical knowledge, the main lesson here is "you're on your own." Even the smartest professionals consistently blow it. There are no magic formulas except knowledge, experience, and intelligence."
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If you got any other books that you could recommend please leave your comment.
I will gladly look into reading it.

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