Saturday, November 04, 2006

What a Scary Hedgehog ! ! !

Hedgehog Report
One day you go to the forest, may be fishing or mushroom hunting. It depends on your hobby, well anyway, you are in the forest. Suddenly, you feel some presure from behind, you can hear loud breathing of a BEAR and you get that shiver all over your body. Thinking, omg is this the end of my life?

Your senses tell you that something big is behind your back and about to attack you. You can't turn, you are too scared. What do you do next? Probably, sprint out of there, beating all world records in 100 meters distance. However, you take a deep breath and turn around. Suddenly, there is no one. What was it? What scared you so much? Well it was no one else than a Hedgehog.

Did you know that they make a breathing noise that can even scare a man of men. Well, may be you didn't, but just in case, remember what I wrote here cute hedgehog pictures.

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